Flickrview started out as an easier way for me to browse Flickr Interesting Photos each day. It is expanding to accompany a bookmarklet which will allow the user to browse any Flickr user's photostream, group pool or set the come across on Flickr in a similar fashion (so I put it on its own domain).

Flickrview was built using the Kohana PHP Framework, the MooTools Javascript Framework and the Flickr API.

(Functionality is still being built out.)

  • Flickrview screenshot 1

    Default view is the Flickr Interestingness feed for the day.

  • Flickrview screenshot 2

    User can choose a background color to browse with.

  • Flickrview screenshot 3

    Browsing can be done via left and right arrows or by clicking on a thumbnail. Photos are viewed via a lightbox effect.

  • Flickrview screenshot 4