In the almost 3 years I've been with Veoh, I've been part of two site redesigns - one of which was a complete site-wide redesign and implementation, switching from JSP to PHP.

At Veoh, I learned how to work quickly and efficiently because our sprint cycles were so short, and anything I didn't know how to do, I either learned from my teammates or did my research and jumped in.

I've spent about half my tenure at Veoh in JSP and some Java, and the other half in PHP and was always immersed in CSS and Javascript.

I also built two Facebook apps for Veoh and integrated Facebook Connect.

  • Veoh screenshot 1

    Current Veoh homepage.

  • Veoh screenshot 2

    Browse TV Shows. Pagination and sorts are implemented with Ajax.

  • Veoh screenshot 3

    A group with customized CSS. A co-worker and I built the templating/custom Veoh tag system for customized groups and channels.

  • Veoh screenshot 4

    Watchpane slids out of the left, everything on the page while the watchpane is open is called via Ajax.

  • Veoh screenshot 5

    Larger video view expands out of the watchpane view.